A new start, welcome back.


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Let me just be clear, all old subscriptions will get an extension. - Oxide will never die!

Welcome back, it's been a while.

CS2 has been in the works for some months now and we have a new team working on new cheats.

We know that everyone is freaked out over the deletion of website last time.. Keep in mind I had to do what I had to do for the time being.

All false rumors that we scam is not true, everyone will keep their subs and we will even extend all subs for free when cs2 release.

We do not have an exact ETA but sometime during this year we will release CS2.. We are currently starting to prepare for the launch so yes it's pretty close to launch..

Some issues with the discord bot so just send me a message on discord if you need a role.

Once again WELCOME BACK!

// pStatic
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