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Couple weeks of usage with Oxide


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Hello Guys! I've been using Oxide for a couple weeks now and I decided to make a little review on it.
I never used cheap cheats besides Moonlight so I went instant all in and bought a Life sub wich was a good thing that I did.

*Sorry for my Grammar*

I like the Menu and the colors of Oxide. It would be nice if you could change the colors of the menu on your own.
Overall it's nice, the colors are okay, and it's kind of sorted. Pretty good!

The visuals so, I also like the visuals. I like the chams, and the ESP of course. It would be nice for the ESP as example that you have an ESP preview in the menu.
I kinda miss some features, like manual grenade lineups, as example. If you stand in the circle it shows where you have to aim and what you have to do like (chrouch and jump) I think ya'll know what I mean. The color pickers are dope and easy to use of course. Overall the visuals are good. The inventory changer is also a great thing in Oxide

AIMBOT 10/10
The aimbot is dope. It's great I have nothing to complain about the aimbot. It's simple to configure and you can do really good configs with it.
I've played alot of comp with Oxide and it's 100% better than Pi and Novi (I used both cheats). I dont miss any features in the aimbot there is everything I need.
The backtrack of the cheat is also great it absolutely does its job and it's not useless.

The Configuration system is great. You can save configs, edit configs and rename configs. Also you can share configs with a code if you want to wich is great. And in my opinion it makes config sharing better.

The loader of Oxide is okay but not great. The secruity is very good, but I sometimes have a bug where Oxide does not inject when I click load in the loader.
The cheat is good VAC secured I think with its VAC bypass. The design of the loader is not great but okay.